Director of Photography SCOTT PECK aspires to create a unique visual grammar for every project he undertakes.

Peck describes his approach to his craft as follows: “To me, above all, cinematography is about story. That’s the backbone. Developing a style that speaks in the vernacular of the script. Preserving the integrity of the very thing we all came together to craft.” He continues, “Next, it’s about the characters. Choosing angles and lighting that would explain who they are, even if there were no dialogue at all.”

Peck is a two-time winner of the ICG Emerging Cinematographer Award, and has been featured in “ICG Magazine” and “American Cinematographer,” among other industry publications.

Scott is currently shooting the third season of the HBO MAX streaming series DOOM PATROL.  His other most recent narrative credits include the DC/WARNER BROS series’ STARGIRL, BLACK LIGHTNING, and AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

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